House in the Trees

At O’Keefe Gardens, your vision is our passion. We take such joy in harnessing our dedication and decades of horticultural and landscaping experience to make our clients’ dreams, a reality. At this Battersea Garden – The House in the Trees, we did just that.

In this serene and boldly planted garden, we are encircled by trees, carefully planted to maximize privacy without diminishing light. Sloping Yew hedging frames and accentuates the central water feature and leads to a secluded wild garden. Careful pruning of the trees in this garden provides balance, beauty and draws the eye up the terraced levels of the garden via the linear water feature.

When it comes to planting, we always consider the year-round aesthetic; making sure that each plant is suited to its location and conditions. So throughout this ambitious garden, an impressive array of flowers and shrubs sit harmoniously in a bed of luscious grasses providing a variety of heights, colours and scents throughout the seasons; whilst the trees provide a striking backdrop fluctuating between rich greens and spectacular autumn colours.

Here we installed an extensive irrigation system, which can be programmed to deliver the ideal amount of water dependent on the weather conditions at each point in the year, not only guaranteeing the garden stays perfectly hydrated, but saving time and energy all year round. Organic soil is used throughout our gardens, which keeps the soil packed with nourishment. On top of this, we invest in the highest quality organic plant feed which gives each plant the best chance to thrive, whilst our diligent gardeners are always on hand to spot any potential pests or diseases and take the appropriate course of action to effectively combat them.

As with all our garden maintenance we pride ourselves on our knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail, making sure your dream garden, not only becomes a reality, but stays beautifully maintained.

House In The Trees Garden designed by Darryl Osada
Photography: Steven Wooster