Eco House

We view every garden as a wholly creative undertaking, maximizing its potential with your requirements and tastes at the forefront of every decision. The Eco-House garden seamlessly blends the traditional and the exotic. Here, a Mediterranean—Style garden transports you from the bustling metropolis of London to a tranquil yet ever-changing oasis. When planting this garden with our designer, we made sure that each view from inside the property was both unique and engaging; be it the striking Olive tree; the rich wall of Jasmine; or the bed of vivid flowers surrounding the seating area, each window beautifully frames an individual aspect of this stunning garden.

At O’Keefe Gardens we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to on-going maintenance. Each garden is unique and so are our clients’ needs. Maintenance of this garden is carried out with the aim of highlighting it’s unique and multi-faceted character and maintaining it’s sense of cultural and botanical juxtaposition.

Weekly maintenance visits ensure that the wide-range of plants gets the ultimate balance of nutrition at the perfect time so that they continue to thrive all-year-round. Careful management of the automated irrigation system we installed ensures optimal water levels all-year-round. Organic soil helps to keep pests and diseases at bay, increasing water retention whilst reducing compaction, keeping these beautiful plants lush, well-nourished and always looking their best. 

This exciting and engaging central London garden is a reminder that even in the city, we can all still enjoy our own unique slice of paradise.

Eco House Garden designed by Darryl Osada
Photography: Steven Wooster