Fitzrovia Penthouse

As with the majority of London gardens, intelligent and considerate use of space is crucial. In this Fitzrovia Terraced Garden, we relished the opportunity to work with our garden designer to use thoughtful planting to create a space which afforded privacy, whilst in no way obstructing the staggering views of central London. 

Visually, this terrace acts as an extension of the interior, boasting a sleek, contemporary finish, each plant with a clear place and purpose. The Yew hedging provides a natural border to this garden, giving a sense of seclusion as well as offering the option of some shade in our increasingly hot London summers. Meticulously pruned potted Box Balls line the balcony, producing a welcome contrast to the clean and sharp framework of the garden; whilst potted Cycas palms break up the uniformity of the space with their dramatic and captivating structure. This garden also benefits from the well thought through placement of several mirrors, which expand the space, by reflecting both the skyline and the array of plants.

In order to achieve all this, the street below was closed and a crane was used to carefully hoist each pot, plant and mirror up to the garden – a technique we often use on those harder to reach roof terraces and walled gardens alike. Once the space was planted; we installed a discreet computerised irrigation system, ensuring that it would not be noticeable, so as not to detract from the garden’s smart and stylish appearance.

Maintenance of this Garden includes feeding all the plants with a market leading organic plant feed; using organic compost to sustain the nutritional and structural quality of the soil; preventing and tackling any pests or possible diseases; timely and proficient pruning of all plants as well as continual management of the irrigation system, ensuring each plant is benefitting from the optimum water intake throughout the year.

So whatever your goals, regardless of the shape, size, or height of your garden, the sky is the limit!

Fitzrovia Penthouse Terrace and Balcony designed by Darryl Osada
Photography: Adam Parker